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Synthesis of Organic Compounds I (Anthracene)

It is possible to extract only semiconducting carbon nanotubes (s-CNTs) from a mixture of carbon nanotubes. Adding the purely s-CNTs into the photoactive layer substantially improves efficiency of perovskite solar cells. The long and flexible s-CNTs function as both carbon transporters and crystal growth templates at the perovskite grain boundaries. Deoxycholate surfactants on s-CNTs plays a significant role as a passivator of Pb2+. However, as deoxycholate possesses low mobility and its carboxylic arms are not so effective in passivating Pb2+, our team synthesises a new surfactant that has a higher charge mobility, stronger interaction with s-CNTs, and a urea functional group, which show a much stronger passivation effect on perovskite interface.


Synthesis of Organic Compounds II (Fullerene Derivatives)

Biomaterials I (Nature-inspired Materials)

Biomaterials II (Virus)

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