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One-and-only Materials and Groundbreaking Applications

The Jeon Lab is engaged in an array of innovative projects, focusing on developing novel materials for optoelectronic applications, such as next-generation solar cells, flexible displays, rechargeable batteries, and bioelectronics. A further line of research revolves around creating unique methodologies for designing and synthesising materials, a venture that incorporates the powerful capabilities of machine learning. A distinctive feature of the Jeon Lab is our exclusive access to a selection of unique materials, positioning us at the forefront of every application we explore. [신소재 개발과 다양한 소자응용을 아우르는 연구실]


Our repertoire of exclusive materials includes [차별화된 JEON LAB이 보유한 국내 유일의 소재들] :

• Endohedral Fullerenes (Li@C60, N@C60, etc.) [내포풀러렌]

• Carbon Encapsulated Metal Nano-particles (Fe@Cn) [탄소 캡슐화된 금속 나노파티클]

• Newly Synthesized Fullerene Derivatives [신규 풀러렌 유도체]

• Aerosol-based Free-standing Carbon Nanotubes [FCCVD 기반 CNT]

• Solution-processable Carbon Nanotube Transparent Electrodes [용액공정 가능 CNT 투명전극]

• Nano-diamond [나노다이아몬드]

• Innovatively Designed Organic Compounds (e.g., CNT Binders, Nanotweezers) [나노집게 등 신규화합물]

• Self-healing Polymers [셀프힐링 자가치유 고분자]

• Genetically Modified M13 Virus [유전자 조작 M13 바이러스]

• Various Nature-Inspired Biomaterials [다양한 친환경 자연모방 소재]

Our pioneering work has led to numerous advancements in various applications [광범위한 첨단소자 응용처] :

• Perovskite/Organic/Silicon Solar Cells (World-record and Certification holder) [모든 종류의 태양전지]

• Lead-free Tin Perovskites [비납계 주석 기반 페로브스카이트 태양전지]

 Photodetectors, Gas Sensors, Bio-sensors [다양한 센서소자]

• Li-ion, Mg-ion, Na-ion & Zn-ion Rechargeable Batteries both Coin Cell & Wire type [차세대 이차전지] 

• Semiconductor Components and Devices (TFT, PUFF, etc.) [차세대 반도체 소자]

• Quantum Computing (Endohedral Fullerene as Qubit, Nano-diamond as n-v centre sensor) [양자컴퓨팅 센서/소자]

• Machine Learning-based Materials Science & Autonomous Driving [AI기반 소재&소자 최적화 및 자율주행 기술]


The Jeon Lab is a dynamic and stimulating environment for research. Our team consists of a group of not only talented but wholesome and optimistic researchers, Each one is driven by a shared passion, committed to realising the personal dreams and aspirations of every team member. Our strategic approach to recruitment and mentoring of individual researchers has proven fruitful. Our internship programme and soft selective system, integral to our lab policy, have been instrumental in establishing us as one of the most successful research groups within both the university and the nation. [활발한 국내/해외 공동연구 연수, 자유출퇴근 시간 등 자율적인 연구실 분위기. 인턴쉽 제도와 지속적인 필터링 시스템을 기반으로 인성과 실력이 검증된 소수정예 멤버들로 유기적인 조직구성.]   

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